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Joseph, Christa & Angel
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Twin Turbo Power!
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Z Chickz Driver Profile
November 2004
Christa - Nismo Girl
Joseph - Nismo Man


This month we decided to shift gears a little and profile our young Z Chickz couple.

Joseph and Christa first met while attending LaVernia High near San Antonio, Texas. The first vehicle they had was an old Ford pickup that would die everywhere they went. So Christa decided to get a new car.

The idea of having a Japanese import came from their friend Jack. They would always talk about how badly the movie "Fast and the Furious" was done, pointing out all the mistakes that were made. Jack would always talk about rally racing as well.

After having this discussion every day for about 45 minutes at a crack, Christa started thinking about what car she would like to have. Unfortunately, they knew nothing about cars, and could not really afford anything that was too hard to maintain. She settled on a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS.

After Christa got her car, Joseph wanted to get a car too; so he bought a 1994 Integra. That’s when they started ordering magazines and reading about cars.

One day Joseph stumbled across a car that caught his eye. They didn't know what it was at the time, but they knew it was awesome and fast! There it was in the article, some car called a Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo. They drooled like two monkeys, and Joseph said, "Heck with the Integra, we're getting one of those!"

They started on their adventure by selling the Integra. After it was sold, they went on a long search for a Z-32 TT. It had to be an automatic, because Joseph was in a car accident some time ago where he got two herniated disks in his neck and hurt his back. He planned to buy the Z with his settlement money.

Every day Christa would keep on the lookout for a Z in the Autotrader, and one-day she got lucky. She found an ad for a silver automatic Z-32 TT owned by a Vietnamese guy who could hardly speak a word of English.

Christa told Joseph to jump on it immediately, so the very next day Joseph and his mom drove over to Houston. Joseph fell in love with Angel when he first saw her. As they were test driving her, the owner scared Joseph with her turbo power. That’s when he decided he had to have her.

Now Christa wants a Z for herself. She’s trying to sell her Eclipse so she can get her dream car. One Z for this couple just isn't enough!

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She does it in the dirt too!
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Class of 2005!
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