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Z Chickz Driver Profile
May - June 2004
Pamela - Shezzzhot  


My love of cars dates back to helping my father at the ripe age of 12. My dad, Jake, was in the military. I loved spending time with him as much as possible as he was gone a lot during my and my sisters' younger years. We had moved quite a bit by the time I was 5. I recalled when we lived in California he always had a car in the garage working on it.

In my early years he was gone TDY, aka Temporary Duty, most of the time. He also served in Vietnam. When I was 8. we moved to Tampa, Florida. This would become home. I decided that in order to see my father, I would have to help him in the garage. So I learned the tools of the garage, asked questions about engines, and loved being in that environment. When it was time to test out the engines, we would go down empty streets at wonderful speeds. My grandfather, mom's dad, was also helpful in this area. When I would ride with him, we would fly!

My first driving lesson was in an MG Midget. I don't recall the year, but it was a red two-seater with tan interior. My dad sold it and got a white MG with black leather seats and it was a little larger. I would sit in the parking lot, after he got home, and I would practice shifting through the gates...making sure I had the clutch in at the right times!

I also grew-up riding on the back of motorcycles and horses. My sister and I shared a helmet and I got dropped off at school at least three-times a week. It was a little like flying! Now my horse was my speed ticket. I grew up on air bases and seeing jets every hour of the day, horses were the next best thing to ground flying. My steed was a white Quarter-Arab who could cut barrels with the best of them. I got him after his retirement, but George (okay don't laugh) didn't know he was retired! We would fly all over MacDill AFB and never look back.

My first infatuation with a car was a Mustang (see the Equine relation).I was 13 and she belonged to this hunky lifeguard at the pool where I swam in the summers. I befriended the guy, ditched my horse for street HP and he graciously employeed me as an apprentice as he installed his stereo (I knew my tools remember). I even drove the Mustang to the parking lot on summer afternoons (all that practice paid off)! I can't say that I separated the two...crush was on car and driver!

My next love affair was later that summer. I was 14 and I saw the Datsun 280ZX for the first time! I was in Maryland and this row of Z's went by with the parking lights on. I asked my cousin Aaron what was that all about? He said, "It's the D.C. Z club!" All guys driving, their ladies in the passenger seats, and they were clean and sexy. I really wanted one of those babies!!

Fast forward to married life and being stationed in Misawa, Japan. As a couple we aquired a black '78 280ZX. Tan interior and sleek, I couldn't ask for more! But it was traded shortly after we found out I was with child. So I had to put my Z dream on hold again.

In 1991 I moved to Florida and took up residence with my parents. I was working as a Respiratory Therapist and being a single parent. I saw the new 300ZX wide body! I was in love all over again. I had a small child, very limited income, so test drives were all I could afford. It was feed my baby or eat gasoline! No contest...told the Z she'd have to wait.

Now it's 2003, I'm divorced, my baby is 14 and in love with Nissan's Silvia. I have my sights set on getting a Bachelors in Speech Communication with a minor in English so I can be an editor one day!

My dream of owning a Z came true when I spied the new 2003 Chrome Silver in a K-Mart parking lot in in South Georgia. There are few Z's here. so when this new creature was resting quietly in her chilled-out state, I drove around her three times trying to figure out what type of "Porsche" it was! Then I saw the 350Z and Nissan...it clicked. I rushed home, did a Google search and found my heart! I knew then and there that she was mine.

The color choice of LeMans Sunset was a no brainer. My nickname has ben Sunshine for quite sometime. It was my only choice. My online handle of Shezzzhot came out of thin air as I logged onto various websites. I figured it would get attention and spoke volumes about how I felt on the subject of Z! My car took on the title Shezhot when all three Z's wouldn't fit on the plate!

I love to zoom in my babe. And even though this 2004 Enthusiast model is my second 350Z, my first 2004 Performance model was lost in a wreck, I respect the power, torque, and energy that Z embodies. Mr. K has found a fan in this 40 year old youngster. One day I may shake his hand...until then I'll hug the road in pure Zexy style, Lustful Zaininess, and pure Love for my 350Z and the places she takes me.

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© 2003 Z Chickz
Last updated: Sunday, January 14, 2007 8:45 AM