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Borla Delivers
by Christi
June 2003

When you hear the name Borla, you automatically know what I’m talking about. Borla has been a premier exhaust manufacturer for over 20 years, with one of the best reputations in the business. Their research is complete, their products are widely available for literally hundreds of different vehicles, and their quality is second to none. (I speak from past experience here, having had Borla exhaust systems on two of my previous vehicles.)

When I talk about their quality, I want to back it up with some hard facts. Borla uses 100% T-304 (that’s airplane quality) stainless steel, made to withstand all the corrosive elements out on the roads for a very long time. They even include a million mile guarantee!

But here’s what we all REALLY want to know. How’s that new true dual system for our new 350Zs? They’ve given us 2.25 inch tubing (all stainless steel) and 4.5 inch round polished tips that are, of course, distinctively Borla. Everything is put together with metal clamps for easy install. And get this; Borla gives you close to 20 pounds in weight savings over the stock exhaust! I have yet to see any “real world” dyno results, however, Borla is advertising up to a 20 horsepower gain. And the sound! Never have I seen so many rave about the sound of and exhaust system. To quote my friend, Marcus (who was the first to receive the Borla true dual), it’s “very exotic sounding, and definitely noticeable.”

Here are a few vendors that I would trust buying this “must have” power adder:


Or go straight to the horse’s mouth at www.Borla.com, where you can order directly (and avoid some of the waiting I’ve heard about) for $845.99.

Hmmmm. I may just have to sell my B&B set up and order some Borla true duals for myself!

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Photos courtesy of Marcus (TXStyle)
and originally posted on My 350Z at

See also Z Chickz Garage for a DIY "how to" install
and video of a drive with Borla!


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