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Z Chickz Driver Profile
July 2003

An attorney from Los Angeles: you would assume that she would be a conservative woman who drives a BMW, likes to wear suits, and who doesn't like to take risks. But you would be wrong.

Iris is an active 27 year-old lawyer in her third year of practice whose philosophy is "work to live," not "live to work." Married for four years to a man whom she met in law school, she can usually be found in jeans, leading a happy life in the San Fernando Valley with her Brickyard 350Z Touring, which came into her life on December 4, 2002, and her "child" Brandon, a labrador-pit bull mix.

She grew up in Southern California and has always loved the Nissan Z. But she couldn't afford the 300ZX when it came out, since she was only in high school - all she could do was admire from a distance. Only when she finally started working was she able to buy this impractical "toy" for herself, to go along with her husband's SUV.

She loves to drive the Malibu canyons on the weekends to relax and unwind after stressful weeks at work. Her husband prefers not to go on these drives because she goes "much too fast" for his liking, which is fine by her, because only then can she truly get away from it all. In the Santa Monica mountains, with the window down, the engine screaming, the wind whipping through her hair, and cliffs all around, she feels like she has left Los Angeles behind.


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