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Z Chickz Driver Profile
August 2003
Jon (WashUJon)  

Move over Steven Seagal, Z Chickz have their own Aikidoka! We're proud to have Jon join us, and while he's not into toe-nail polish, he's a lot of fun and just as Z crazy as the rest of us!

Jon is a native of Chicago, and has a Bachelor of Arts in both psychology and Japanese. He has had a keen interest in Japan since he was 10 years old and began studying Aikido (a martial art that goes far deeper and becomes a model for life—the elusive ki). Jon began studying Japanese at 17 and subsequently spent two years living in Japan.

A love of martial arts (including Kendo) is not Jon's only love of things Japanese. Every car he has ever owned is Japanese too: Toyota Celica GT-S, Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, Acura Integra, and now his chrome silver performance model 350Z.

Here are some of Jon's thoughts and outlook in his own words.

Another big thing with me is learning. I have to learn new things constantly. My brain is like a parasite that needs feeding. When I buy a car, I learn everything there is to know about it, up and down, backwards and forwards. When I buy a power tool, I'm the same way. I think learning is a key thing in life and I strive to learn as much as I can about almost anything.

I love to help people and everyone seems to come to me to talk about their problems. That's mostly why I went for psychology in college. People seem to gravitate toward me and seem comfortable with me. I volunteer at a local women's shelter and I find that a very rewarding experience, though hard on the emotions at times.

Jon works for a company that designs and manufactures commercial security systems, mostly door and intercom control for jails and prisons. He's the technical support guy and basically "in charge" of a wireless duress system, a new product that he hopes will sell to other markets beyond corrections. Jon does all the stuff that no one else knows how to do. He started out as an architecture major in college, and worked with CAD for many years, so he's an AutoCAD expert (the only one at the company, so that's also his department).

So that's our Jon, resident Z Guy. Oh yeah, he's single too—what a catch! He does say he needs dancing lessons, so sing out if you want to be Ginger Rogers to Jon's Fred Astaire!

If you're interested in learning more about Aikido, Jon says that this is a pretty good place to start: http://www.aikido-world.com/


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