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Z of the Month

 April 2004

GeeZ, a Love Affair

Blue Dragon (nimnix's ride):
Infiniti G35 Coupe
Twilight Blue/Graphite Leather
5-speed Automatic
Silver Beastie (alphastorm's ride):
Nissan 350Z Hatchback
Silverstone/Graphite Leather
6-speed Manual Touring
Lust at first sight - Love at first drive:

Normally, I'm not the type of person to go gaga over anything. But when it
hits you, it's just magic. And you know it's real when you appreciate the
things that other people just don't get.

"It's just a car"...
"What's with the door handles?"...
"You're insane"...

Hah! Nonbelievers. When my fiance first took me to the Nissan dealer to look at the new 350Z, oooh. That's all I could think.

Don't get me wrong, I've seen (and been in) gorgeous cars (my fiance's
former car being one of them). But this car was spicy. It looked like a
Porsche, but with heat. And I don't care what people say, the doorhandles
are cool. They are part of the package. That industrial muscle touch to the
enthusiast's wet dream. You can do as much or as little as you want to the
car, and it's still amazing.

The only problem I had was the lack of 4 seats. I'm not a 2-seater type of

Then, my fiance introduced me to the Infiniti G35, the 350Z's sister car.

I think my heart leaped out and went for a ride (a really fast one).

I'm into form AND function. You won't get me hyped up over anything that
lacks one or the other. It's like Infiniti read my mind. Here was a car that
could perform, carry 4 people (almost), and had lines supermodels would kill for.

Everything from the curve in the hood to the shine of the wheels was perfect. It flows like water from its HID headlights to its distinctive LED taillights. Smoother than silk dreams of being, with the heart of a predator.

Can you tell I like it?
Is my addiction showing?

When we first saw the cars, we weren't in the market for a new one at the
time, but we remembered (how could you forget?).

One for each of us, for him the Z, for me the G.

So, almost a year passes... We go on vacation (and hunt for my engagement ring. Yes, I am that picky). I find the ring, a beautiful dark blue stone (benitoite - hard to find) in a simple platinum setting. Bear with me.

Shortly after, circumstances are such that now, we are in the market for a
car or two. Try and guess what we wanted.

Fate had a hand in our car selection, because right around that time,
Infiniti had introduced the coupe in their newest color, Twilight Blue.

Oh my...

Here's the deal. Both my fiance and I love dark blue and black. However, a black car can be difficult to deal with. It's also not as unique as some

Anyway, we go to the dealer near us, looking for that rare beast, the Twilight Blue G35 Coupe, with everything. They didn't have it that day, but they were getting a shipment of one soon.

Let me tell you, seeing that beauty in our space in the garage just lights up my day.

The Z was more difficult. But such is our addiction that we literally hunted
high and low for the perfect Silverstone Touring 6MT to complement the
Twilight Blue G that was getting lonely.

We finally found it (after dealing with dealers who were significantly less
than honest, many perfectly willing to severely undervalue our trade-in and mark up the Z to ungodly heights). We took it, made it our own, and now our parking area in the communal garage is the most stunning.

Oh, and the silver and dark blue color theme? Perfect of course. From my
engagement ring to our engagement gifts (the cars), silver and blue move
together like Yin and Yang. The family lines breed true.

They complement each other like my fiance and I: Made for each other.

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