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February-March 2004
Once You’ve Gone Z, You’ll Never go Back!
1978. Winnipeg, Manitoba. I see my first Z that fall, when I’m 14 years old. It’s a 260, and it’s official, I’m hooked.

1986. I bought my first Z, a 260 2+2 with a blown head gasket. Money pit, but I loved every moment. It eventually became my brother, Russell’s, and we both have very fond memories.

1993. I moved to Victoria, BC, and I’m looking for a good Z. It’s a toss up between a '72 240 and a '75 280. The 240 has tons of after market stuff. The paint was four-tone red from poor matching. The suspension was stiff. The idle was rough. It had “snap your head” acceleration. It was extremely tough to drive smoothly at low speeds and in rush hour traffic. It snarled when accelerating. The 280 was the perfect Z colour, silver, it was smooth riding, and was a factory original untouched beauty. I took the 280. Don’t get me wrong it was a great car, but knowing what I do now…egad!!

In 1998 I decided a true 240 was the only way to go. I found a blue1973, not the best choice, but it did have the round top carbs.
The fellow I bought the '73 from introduced me to a pal who was doing a nut and bolt restoration on a '72 240. It was silver, it was in pieces, and I was in love.
Two years later I decided to get out of the sports car business. I sold both my Zs and all the spare parts. After a few months I realized how wrong I was! I can’t take it anymore and find another silver '75 280 for a daily driver.
Later that year I find that the silver '72 240 I had seen during restoration, now complete, is FOR SALE. I can’t afford it, but who cares…
Well, now the bug is no longer just a mild a flu, but a full on DIZEAZE. A perfect '84 300ZXT 50th AE came up…I COULDN’T RESIST; then a fantastic 1977 right hand drive FairladyZ 2/2…MINE; then another 84 50th with 60k miles…HAD HAVE IT; then a 1990 300ZXTT with 55K miles…YUP, SOLD AGAIN.
'77 FairladyZ 2/2
'84 300ZXT 50th AE with 60,000 miles
'90 300ZXTT
Every time I see a Z, I imagine it in the virtual garage I have in my mind. I’m always looking for a new one (or two!).

I don’t have a 280ZX YET, but my good Z Chickz friend, Julia has one and she takes me for rides on a regular basis. I’m looking for a really good 280ZXT…

It's an omen! This mark was left on pavement by cinderblock. No kidding!
Julia's 280ZX with three of mine…
Four generations of Z cars!
Three generations of FairladyZs...
mine with two of Her pals
Julia and a few of our collective Zs
'72 240Z out with Dave's gorgeous 912
If you’d like to see some more pictures of my Zs or read the stories behind them, check out The Vancouver Island Datsun Enthusiasts, Member Profiles section.


Rich Cummings
Victoria, BC

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