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Z Chickz Driver Profile
June 2003
Nan - Lady Z  

We think "Mom," and we think minivans; we think domestic servant; we think incorrectly.

Picture for a moment an independent thinking, self-reliant woman going through the gears in a silverstone touring 350Z. That's "Mom." She's been through the diapers, the temper tantrums, the know-it-all teens—all the joys and heartaches Moms experience. Now there are two mid-twenties daughters, and Mom is still Mom.

She's got her dreams of an island in the Virgin Islands; her space is set aside and waiting. She sees that vision in her mind's eye amidst the roadside blur of New York countryside and the familiar growl of a Z engine turning over 5,000 RPM. For a moment, New York blends to the hills and twists of her island roads.

That's our Nan, the entrepreneur and Z chick; the Mom and spouse. Her 350Z is her first Z car, but her husband previously owned three Zs, so a Z in the family seems a normal affair. She's now Lady Z.

Nan's new family addition arrived on November 19, 2002, complete with burnt orange leather seating, and everything but the navigation package. Who needs navigation for a six mile by nine mile island anyway?

What else can Moms do on an island? Moms can sail and go snorkling. In fact, Moms can do about anything; they've earned it!

And yes, her daughters do get to drive her Z. Moms are still Moms, and can any Mom deny her daughters?

Shift_shift and Shift_life!


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