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Terri's "Lucy"
Z Chickz Driver Profile
October 2003
Terri — JinxxyCat  

Been there, done that, and got the T-shirt! Terri is one of those rare people who isn't afraid to try anything at least once. She's the ever-inquisitive and exploring type which fits with the "cat" in her screen name.

The Anderson family was a family where the women raced horses jumping furiously over fences, and the men raced motorcycles both in the dirt and on the track. Her 4-H team won two national titles. Terri's Dad encouraged her to do anything she set her mind to.

Early on, Terri learned about cars by helping her Dad, and she was always thrilled with the roar of his '73 Saab Sonnett III. She begged him to keep it so she could drive it when she turned 16. Before Terri took her first solo trip in the F-150, her Dad made her change all four tires by herself. Later, she learned to do all the routine maintenance, which as she puts it, gave her a feeling of empowerment.

Terri loves adventures and has traveled extensively through Europe and the US. She was an exchange student in Amersham Bucks just outside of London, and she's been to 26 US states with a goal of all 50. She's the outdoors type and hiking, skiing, and camping are all among her favorite things—well, of course driving Lucy at high speed ranks in those favorite things as well.

We know Terri used her BA in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University in her bartending job. While working one evening she took the guys up on a dare to go skydiving. The guys were betting that she wouldn't go through with it; she not only jumped the first time, but went back for more!

Terri also worked as a substitute teacher before leaving her native Virginia after 29 years. She and her best friend traveled across the country to California. There she got into the restaurant management business working at Universal City Walk, in Beverly Hills, and then West Los Angeles near her place in Venice Beach.

An old friend came to visit her, and he is now her husband, Doug. She moved to Pittsburgh and she and Doug were married nine months later. Doug is a ceramic tile and natural stone contractor.

After 18 months in the homemaker role, Terri went to work for a construction firm, keeping track of everything flowing around the office. Of course she needed a car to get to work, but she didn't settle for just any car. Her 350Z, Lucy, is her pride and joy! "After my test drive, my knees were weak at the possibility of owning such a powerful, beautiful machine."

The first thing her Dad asks her when he calls is, "how's your Z doing?" We think you can probably guess Terri's answer! "I wake up in the morning and peek out the window at her and say WOW I can’t believe that’s MY Z!"



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Terri and Z Chickz
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