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Photo 1: Note there are two fuse boxes

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Fascia and bumper
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Ready to move power steering cooler - note which line goes where on the cooler before removing
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New power steering cooler mount using self-tapping screws

How to Install
ATI ProCharger (supercharger)
on a 350Z ('03 or '04)

Preparation Phase

Pages 6 & 7:
None of the photos actually show the passenger side windshield cowl removed. When you initially look at it, you will see the fusebox in front of the battery. With the windshield cowl removed you will see the second fusebox mounted on the firewall, pull the cover up to remove. The fuel pump fuse is the lowest red one on the left side. See Photo 1. Remember there will still be some fuel in the line when you get to the fuel pump installation step—watch out.

Page 8, Step 12: No need to remove the two "air box" bolts shown, they don't attach to the airbox.

Page 8, Illustration B6: The brace cannot be removed until after you remove the front fascia on Page 12, Step 21.

Page 10, Step 17: Also remove the front fender faring bolts. The fairings extend up to the front fascia on both sides of the lower engine cowl.

Page 12, Step 22: Set the brace aside, do not reinstall, because you cannot install the air intake with the brace in place.

Page 14, Step 26: Double-check that you've removed all battery cables before you do this step. You don't want to deploy the airbags!

Page 20: We're not sure, but there may be a check valve in the power steering cooler. To be on the safe side note which line goes where, and install the new lines to the same locations.

Page 22, Step 37: Instead of using ATI's power steering cooler bracket installation method, it was far simpler to run self-taping screws in with a power driver. Note the cooler is attached to the bracket with zip ties. You may have to trim the length of the hoses so you don't have too much slack. Secure the hoses with zip ties.

Page 22, Step 38: You can't do this step now because the battery is disconnected, you've got the fuel pump fuse removed, and no serpentine belt installed. Annotate this step on page 55 or 56.

Page 22, Add new step (it's Step 2 on Page 24): Trim the radiator shroud now while you have best access. Recommend trimming about a half-inch along the line shown in the photo at right.

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Front fascia removed
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Wiring and hose rerouted in front of plenum
(the large brown wires are add-on engine grounding wires)
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New power steering cooler hoses installed
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Trim the fan shroud along line shown in photo
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